Friday, 21 September 2012

31 Day Challenge Day 21: Inspired By a Colour

Day 21, we’re getting into the inspired by days. Which are really cool! I’m often inspired by things around me, and these days allow a lot of creativity to seep into them!

Today is Inspired by a Colour. I think it’s slightly redundant to have this day when we did all those colour specific days at the start of the challenge, but I think I came up with a different way to interpret the theme. I know a lot of girls in the past have chosen a specific polish colour and then done a manicure surrounding the name of that polish, but I honestly wasn’t specifically inspired by any polish name.

I started thinking about colour, and how light can have such an effect on how we perceive colour. Like a prism that when you hold the light to them all the colours of the rainbow shine through it. I thought about recreating that prism, but I figured that would end up looking a lot like Dark Side of the Moon nails. Then it hit me. HOLO POLISH!

studded tip nails

Holographic polish definitely uses light to show all the colours of the rainbow just like a prism! I used one coat of Wet n Wild Black Creme and then added a coat of 35 grade Holo top coat that I won in an awesome giveaway from Melissa ofPinked Polish! Then I thought this could use a little extra punch, so I did a french tip using square silver studs from Born Pretty Store!

studded tip nails
studded tip nails

This is super easy to achieve and look at all the colours there in the holographic goodness!! It sure has me inspired… he he he :D

studded tip nails

I may have stretched the limit here on theme, but I was running a little short on time, so my original crazy idea couldn’t pan out. Thank goodness it’s Friday and I can finally have some more time to devote to this challenge! LOL

These Born Pretty Store studs are awesome and you can find them here for $4.67 for about a bajillion of them! Born Pretty Store is my favourite place for nail art accessories, awesome products at awesome prices!! If you would like to purchase these studs, don’t forget to use my 7% off code SA7X31 :)

Remember to stop by The Lacquerologist to see what colour she has been inspired by!

Only 9 more days until the re-create day! I can’t believe we’re this far in, see you back here tomorrow! :)

The studs in the post were provided for my honest review. 


  1. GORGEOUS! That holo is so vibrant it's like burning my eyes! I'd be so distracted by these all day! Great way to interpret the theme =)

    1. I was completely distracted wearing this! I kept staring at my nails!

  2. Oh my, this mani is gorgeous Stephanie!!!


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